No New Work – It’s HOT!

Temperatures in the high 80s and 90s for the past week – and now we have high humidity too! My studio usually gets about 10 degrees hotter when you add in the kiln and the torch, so I haven’t been melting glass for the last week. I am SO disappointed in the weather! It’s very unusual for us – hello, global warming – as we usually have milder, dry summers.

I have some older work which has never been seen that I’ll put up on eBay next week, but I’m praying for the heat to let up so I can torch again!

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New Stacker on Etsy!

I just listed this fabulous new stacker bead in my Etsy shop, and I think it is my favorite one yet! Exquisite colors and a little bigger than usual. Checker it out:

Five Magics

Sterling silver discs, textured caps, and core. Ready to wear – just slide it onto a chain or cord!

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New Work

I’ve been doing a lot of these “little world” style beads. Like these, a set on eBay this week:


I spent a lot of effort trying to get that super-mottled look on there – obviously the more color, the better – and I think my efforts show. These have a wonderful ravaged look to them, with some really intense color spots. Expect to see more of these!

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Winter Sale Starts Tomorrow, 12/15

My Winter SALE in my Etsy shop starts tomorrow, Thursday the 15th, and runs through the end of the year! Everything in the shop is 10% off – no coupon or code necessary! Check back often, as I will continue to add items throughout the sale!!

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No New Auctions for This Week

Between the Thanksgiving holiday and a neck injury which is giving me constant headaches, I haven’t had enough torch time to produce anything worthwhile. But I’m sure by next week I will have something up on eBay!

About those headaches – they are definitely slowing me down. I’m afraid there will be less glass for a while until it gets sorted out. Looks like physical therapy for a bit, hopefully no injections (I hate needles!). It’s cutting into my knitting time too…:)

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Bead Extravaganza Time Again!

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th of November, I will be at the Bay Area Bead Extravaganza (BABE!) show. This is the biggest 2-day show on the West coast! If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, please check it out – tons of beautiful beads and supplies. And stop by my table and say Hi!


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